Completed 2014 List

1)   Make rock candy

2)   Learn how to curl my hair

3)   Throw Jurassic Park party

4)   Get A in class

5)   Get a tan in Costa Rica

6)   Try 105 beers at McLadden’s

7)   Plant a herb or food

8)   Cross stitch

9)   Read The Great Gatsby

10)  Have lunch with GCC girls

11)  Go to Six Flags with a Loomis crew

12)  Llama hike

13)  Go to the Ben and Jerry’s Factory

14)  Help Mel Willy get over her fear of farm animals

15)  Roller-skate

16)  Read Night

17)  Karaoke with Bianca

18)  Bake a cake for the helluvit

19)  Complete horror movie list with Nick

20)  Make a flower crown

21)  Make my graduation cap

22)  Make an appetizer or meal from Pinterest


2 thoughts on “Completed 2014 List

  1. Hey I just went to the Goshen Mystery cave September 2015. It is open and I was able to climb down. There are 2 tunnels one you are down there. One goes about 15 feet and the other about 50 feet. Go NOW before someone puts the boulder back on top of the hole.

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