2008 list

Here is my first ever summer goals list from 2008. At the time I didn’t take pictures of the things as I crossed them off. I did however, being the annoying 17 year old I was, added in bold my excuses for not crossing them off. It is most certainly a blast from the past.


1. Learn the names of every resident at work almost
2. Get that hat from faces
3. film ‘unforgivable 4’ with nick
4. meet [or at least see] bo burnham that was too hard
5. go out to eat wearing the blue jumper
6. run through a diet coke and mentos fountain tech didnt RUN into it, but whatever
7. get free shit off the side of the road
8. sleep in a car
9. purchase a camera soon
10. send ms. kumpf a letter the video message was enough ;]
11. go on every ride at six flags in one day ughhh, no
12. go to the beach at least five times
13. see a lighthouse
14. interskate that shit dont know why that never happened
15. pee in mary’s pool again^
16. go streaking
17. go iceblocking soon
18. beat donkey kong country with nick mary
19. show up to a party (with nick) wearing sweatbands, short-shorts, and carrying ping pong paddles. arrive and be outraged that there is cups on the ping pong table and wonder how we’re supposed to play with them there. yeah, ok


Well, a few years later I did meet Bo Burnham at one of his shows, I did pee in Mary’s pool, I did “Interskate that shit”, I did buy a camera, and so on. This list is just very weird to me.


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