2015 List

  1. Go to the Cape Cod Lavender Farm
  2. Read 5 books from 2015 Reading Challenge
  3. See a Frida Kahlo painting original in real life
  4. Post all postcards on blog (2014)
  5. Go to the Yiddish Book Center (2014)
  6. Get a tambourine
  7. Finish a memoir
  8. Meet Eric Striffler
  9. Perform in an open mic
  10. Sell a drawing
  11. Learn the jaw harp
  12. Plant an herb or food (2014)
  13. Have a skipping squad meet in downtown Northampton
  14. Make an appetizer meal from Pinterest (2014)
  15. Go to Hershey Park
  16. Host a 90’s theme summer party
  17. Teach a speciality class I haven’t taught before at Jazzercise
  18. Finish The Twilight Zone
  19. Slide the city in Holyoke
  20. For a whole week, drink the amount of water I’m supposed to drink
  21. Get a makeover and learn how to do makeup
  22. Writing club with Melissa

Adds ins:

23. Get the “tattoos are ugly” sign or whatever that thing in the field is.

24. Blog at The Roost

25. Have a Beyonce night at The Deuce

26. Go to the Platinum Pony

27. Take advantage of Katherine Root Wayside Park


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