2009 list

What a measly list! Again, I didn’t start taking photographic evidence until 2010, but I did take a picture with a resident (which is illegal to post anywhere) and I did just happen to take one of me and my friend Cj and Abe Lincoln. I also wentto the “Dr. Seuss muesam” with Girshwin. But that’s all for this one.


1. Bike to Holyoke.
2. Go iceblocking.
3. Re-create “Jim’s Trailer Park” picture with Mary.
4. Build a sick sandcastle at Hampton Beach.
5. Take a picture with a resident. 
6. Take a picture with Cj and Abe Lincoln. 
7. Go to the Dr. Suess muesam with Girshwin.
8. Go on the new 6 Flags ride.
9. See the new Tarantino movie with Nick. [does it come out in summer?]
10. Record Rubbish album.


Cj, Abe, and I

Cj, Abe, and I


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