“When one has tasted watermelon, he knows what angels eat”

#22:  Go to a Watermelon Wednesday About a year ago one of my Jazzercise friends told me about a concert series she goes to every year. She told me every Wednesday there is a show in small chapel in West Whately. She said the shows are perfect for musicians who are touring and need something to […]

“Deep Dark Tunnel to Nowhere”

#15: Go spelunking  Last semester I took a very basic science class where we covered basically everything from basic physics to electricity. One of the topics was geology. My quirky professor was teaching us about stalagmites and stalactites and mentioned the word “spelunking”. No one knew what she was saying. She then told us that spelunking […]

“I aim at the stars” but sometimes I hit a tree

#10: Build and set off a rocket This goal was came into my head out of absolutely nowhere. I was thinking, “What’s something fun that I can do during the summer” and shooting off a rocket in a field was the first thing I came up with. I also had never built or set off a […]

“Once you get to the party in your white trash garb, have fun”

#26: Make a Greasy and Ugly video I guess the way to start this blog is to describe what a “Greasy and Ugly video” is. Greasy and Ugly, or as it’s known in the YouTube world, greasyANDugly, is Mary and I’s YouTube channel. Starting August 23, 2008, Mary and I have been YouTube L-listers; not quite […]