“My only means of self defense is to wiggle my eye and feign being a salamander”

“Salamander Crossing” really stood out to me. It was right up my salamander alley.


“And That’s Pretty Much It”

8. Meet Eric Striffler  So I’ve been doing the summer goals list for 7 years. This goal was easily the most difficult. Why? Eric Striffler is a *~celebrity~*. In about 2006 I was super into Youtube. I would watch almost everything but I really liked watching clips from old Nickelodeon shows. Somehow, as I kept clicking […]

“A Balanced Diet is Chocolate in Both Hands”

And by “Hershey Park”, I didn’t realize I meant “Hershey’s Chocolate World”.

“Salem? On a Wednesday in August?”

#8: Go to Salem For those readers who don’t know about the city of Salem, Massachusetts, I’ll give a quick overview. It’s on the northern east coast of the state in Essex County. It’s filled with tons of history; it’s perhaps best known for being the location of the 1692 witch trials in which 20 […]

“Don’t go too fast but I go pretty far”

#32: Bike to a Jazzercise class I think to start off the post I’ll have to explain what Jazzercise is. If you’ve heard of Jazzercise, chances are you have the wrong idea about it because it’s a common misconception that Jazzercise is an “old lady” thing where customers where leotards and legwarmers. I first heard of […]

What did Tricertops sit on?

#17: Go to the Dinosaur Footprints This was quite the impromptu trip but it was a really nice time. My friend Bianca and I had been running all over the Pioneer Valley all day and decided to pick up my friend Miranda, who I was going to go on a hike with up until the […]