“Wiggle Your Big Toe”

#14: Find Uma Thurman’s old house I had heard a while ago that Uma Thurman is originally from right here in Amherst, Massachusetts. I remember hearing this and thinking about how cool it would be to see her old house. She’s always been one of my favorite actresses; Kill Bill Vol. 2 is my favorite movie […]

“My only means of self defense is to wiggle my eye and feign being a salamander”

“Salamander Crossing” really stood out to me. It was right up my salamander alley.

“Relish the White Hut Experience”

#15: Go to the one of the restaurants in Massachusetts I need to go to before I die (http://www.onlyinyourstate.com/massachusetts/restaurants-die-ma/) Happy Summer everyone! I’ve been slacking a bit on my list this year. Usually at this point in the summer I’ve done a few things. School ended for me on Tuesday, yesterday was reserved for sleeping, so […]

“Skip, skip, skip to my Lou”

#13: Have a skipping squad meet in downtown Northampton I run a very tiny (but fun!) skipping club in Western Massachusetts called the Pioneer Valley Skipping Club (formally called Samantha’s Skipping Squad). I started it in late March and was totally inspired by Michelle Joni‘s skipping club. I read an article on her adult preschool and decided right then […]

“Don’t go too fast but I go pretty far”

#32: Bike to a Jazzercise class I think to start off the post I’ll have to explain what Jazzercise is. If you’ve heard of Jazzercise, chances are you have the wrong idea about it because it’s a common misconception that Jazzercise is an “old lady” thing where customers where leotards and legwarmers. I first heard of […]

“Taking it to the streets”

#13: Eat at the Bistro Bus One of my dear friends, Betsy, started a new business this year after having a catering business for 25 years. She started Bistro Bus to put these years of great cookin’ “to the streets” of the Pioneer Valley. As soon as she opened up, I knew I had to […]

What did Tricertops sit on?

#17: Go to the Dinosaur Footprints This was quite the impromptu trip but it was a really nice time. My friend Bianca and I had been running all over the Pioneer Valley all day and decided to pick up my friend Miranda, who I was going to go on a hike with up until the […]