“Relish the White Hut Experience”

#15: Go to the one of the restaurants in Massachusetts I need to go to before I die (http://www.onlyinyourstate.com/massachusetts/restaurants-die-ma/) Happy Summer everyone! I’ve been slacking a bit on my list this year. Usually at this point in the summer I’ve done a few things. School ended for me on Tuesday, yesterday was reserved for sleeping, so […]

THE List – 2016

Hi guys! Happy almost end of Spring. This will be my 8th year (whoa) (it could be the 9th year, I don’t know) doing my summer goal list! I’m a little late in creating it this year, usually it’s done by April. As usual, this is just a draft and I’ll be adding on as […]

Raise the Roost

#24: Blog at The Roost This will be my shortest entry yet. Who: Mel and Samantha (Alex was with us earlier, too). Where: The Roost in downtown Northampton. When: A few weeks ago. On a Saturday? Why: Why not? I always wanted to be that person blogging in public. How: Wifi. What: The Proof.

“Skip, skip, skip to my Lou”

#13: Have a skipping squad meet in downtown Northampton I run a very tiny (but fun!) skipping club in Western Massachusetts called the Pioneer Valley Skipping Club (formally called Samantha’s Skipping Squad). I started it in late March and was totally inspired by Michelle Joni‘s skipping club. I read an article on her adult preschool and decided right then […]

“Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man”

A few days ago, I walked into work into a classroom I work in, Room 9 – Anne’s room. She had gotten me a little gift, knowing that I love to use instruments in the classroom, and said she saw it and thought of me.

“It Opened up my Eyes, I Saw the Sign”

I think it might have been during Fall 2014 when I noticed a rather large sign in the middle of an overgrown field next to Route 10 (known lovingly by some as THE HAMP STRETCH) in Northampton (very close to the border of Easthampton, but technically over “the line”). The sign was obviously handmade and was set back in the field quite a-ways but still legible. It said, boldly: TATTOOS ARE UGLY

It’s About That Time :)

Time for this year’s summer goals list! I have a lot of fun and challenging things planned for this year and I’m excited to share all of them with you. 🙂