“Life was Beginning Over Again with the Summer”

#9) Read The Great Gatsby Last summer (whoa. Seems like yesterday) me and my friends Grace, Alex, and Mike went to the drive-in movie theater. One of the films we saw was Pacific Rim but I hardly paid attention, mostly because I was thinking so much about the film we saw prior, The Great Gatsby. […]

“Never give up and good luck will find you”

#6: Do the Never Ending Story drinking game with Lauren Don’t ask me why, but one day I mentioned the movie The NeverEnding Story to my good friend Lauren, probably talking about how much I loved it as a child in a scary kind of way. I had/have it on VHS and remember watching it when […]

“Au temps pour moi”

#11: Watch a French film with Jojo I have seen only a few French films before (all I can think of is Amelie, The Artist, Delicatessen, King of Hearts, and some of Micmacs) and have really loved all that I’ve seen. For my summer list, I decided to add ‘Watch a French film with Jojo’, who […]