I love wine. I love local things. So I figured, wine-ot?


“You Can Feel it All Over”

Platinum Pony came in 2014. According to its Facebook page, it…

is a bar and restaurant that celebrates the eccentric and unusual, queer and colorful. It’s a weird and wonderful world of glitter and glam, movies and mayhem, damn good food, and ponies of all shapes and sizes in Easthampton, MA.

It also has an eventful calendar and a outdoor patio. I had to check it out.

“Young and Sweet Only 23”

#17: Karaoke with Bianca It’s not like I have never karaoked with Bianca before. Actually, we’ve sang several karaoke songs together. But, I had to add this favorite past time to my list for two major reasons: 1) Last summer, Bianca moved (I wrote about this last summer in the post where her and I […]

“Tell us what you don’t like about yourself”

#33: Finish Nip/Tuck The last time I went to California to visit my family was the end of 2010 and I rang in the New Year with my cousins, aunt, and mom all the way on the other side of the country. One day while I was there, I went into my cousin Dara’s room […]

“Squeeze it, smush it, pat it, mush it”

#29: Make Play Dough with Bianca On the last day of my favorite class last semester, EDUC 381, my professor gave us all a piece of play dough and a recipe to make the “perfect play dough”. I saved the recipe and decided I was going to make a batch or two for one of […]