Happy Spring!!

Hi everyone,

I’m back for yet another year (my 9th!) of the infamous Summer Goals List! People have been asking me about this years list already – I love it! It’s also great to see lots of my friends are doing summer bucket lists of their own!

If I didn’t have a list, I’m sure I would just rot in my bedroom all summer watching Netflix. Posting and blogging about it helps me with accountability (because again, Netflix).

Last year was rough; while I did complete a lot of my goals, I did fail to blog about them. It’s true – DOING the goal is much more fun than blogging about it. But, I just spent a good amount of time rereading old posts of things I have done over the years and they’re nice to reflect on. So I’ll continue to post.

I’m not quite finished with my list for this summer, however, I will give you a sneak peek of what’s happening in Summer 2017!

7) See the Lion of Lucerne (Switzerland) 

Woo! See you in a few weeks with the finished list!!




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