“Wiggle Your Big Toe”

#14: Find Uma Thurman’s old house


I had heard a while ago that Uma Thurman is originally from right here in Amherst, Massachusetts. I remember hearing this and thinking about how cool it would be to see her old house. She’s always been one of my favorite actresses; Kill Bill Vol. 2 is my favorite movie of all time and everyone loves Pulp Fiction. Like, I think literally everyone.

When I moved here in January I was wondering whereabouts in Amherst she lived. North Amherst? South Amherst? Downtown? In the same building as I’m currently living in!? I had no idea. So I had to do some major research.

So I went to Google. I found that Uma was not born in this area but instead born in Boston. She did spend most of her youth in Amherst however, on account of her father Robert Thurman was a professor at Amherst College.

On the Amherst College website, it states that Uma and her family once lived in a building on campus called The Cooper House. Nick and I didn’t bother plugging it into a GPS. We just kind of drove around campus searching.

We found the Cooper House pretty easily on 86 College Street, close to the main strip. However, we noticed there were tons of people around and it would have been awkward to pull over, take a picture with a random house, and then drive away. We discovered soon after that it was alumni weekend at the college. So we decided to put it off.

We went back a few days ago when it was less busy and parked in a little lot down the street. We saw a Squirtle on the way. IMG_2123

And took some picture with the house/looked for Pokemon.

We tried to get into the building but it was locked. It is now the home of the Black Studies and Philosophy departments. You can read more about the house HERE!

Overall, this was a silly little goal I had but it was cool to see the place where one of my favorite people grew up. Check it out if you’re in the area and like Uma Thurman or Squirtles.





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