#11: Go to a local winery


I have been to wineries before. Many. They’ve all been in the Temecula Wine Countryside in California. Mount Palomar. Bel Vino, where my cousin Miriam used to work. Briar Rose, where my dear pal Chris works was my favorite, I think. All delicious, Californian wine. Ahhhh.

Facebook post after Facebook post recently shows cute girls with their cute boyfriends with cute wine glasses in their hands, posing cute-ly outside with a (cute?) mountain in the background. I kept wondering where these wineries were and why they were so adorable.  I love wine. I love local things. So I figured, wine-ot?

Almost as soon as I put this on my list, I forgot I had put it there. But, that could never mean that I forgot that I wanted to go to a winery! So when Grace and Alex invited me to Raven Hollow Winery in Westfield, I didn’t hesitate to say yes, but I didn’t think I was crossing something off my list.

Grace and Alex had been casually sipping apple wine when I arrived to their home and told me that Raven Hollow had many different kinds of fruit wine; Grace’s favorite being strawberry rhubarb. Alex packed snacks – cheese, crackers, jams, some meats. I was v. excited.

When we parked, I noticed a bunch of crows (or at least black birds). Maybe thats why they call it Raven Hollow. No clue. Anyhow, we went around to the back where a girl, Emily (?) in a little hut took our orders. Grace asked if this was on my summer goals list. It is not, I told her. We decided to try a little taste of everything. We each got the sampler (4 wines) and all shared together. We tried plum, strawberry, strawberry rhubarb, raspberry, blackberry, orange, pineapple. If I had remember I would later be “BLOGGING” about it, I would’ve kept better track. Maybe.

We then decided to get a bottle of strawberry rhubarb (our favorite) and have our snacks, while listening (and occasionally dancing) to a cute little acoustic cover duo with a looping machine, Surrogate Muse from Northampton.They were so friendly and really awesome musicians. We didn’t want them to stop.


Alex, Grace, wine, and snacks

Loved, loved, loved this day. And this winery. I already have plans to go again soon. And even though I didn’t take a cute picture with a cute boy in front of a mountain, I still had an amazing time with my friends. And really that’s what summer is all about, right?




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