“Relish the White Hut Experience”

#15: Go to the one of the restaurants in Massachusetts I need to go to before I die (http://www.onlyinyourstate.com/massachusetts/restaurants-die-ma/)


Happy Summer everyone! I’ve been slacking a bit on my list this year. Usually at this point in the summer I’ve done a few things. School ended for me on Tuesday, yesterday was reserved for sleeping, so here I am now. Sorry for the delay.

I found this website earlier this year, likely from someone posting it on Facebook. “14 Bucket List Massachusetts Restaurants”, or,

“14 Restaurants You Have To Visit In Massachusetts Before You Die”

When I clicked on it, I was shocked and appalled that I had never been to any of these restaurants, despite 2 of them being right across the bridge in Northampton. So, I decided one of my goals this summer was to go to at least one of these places. Being a foodie, this would be an easy one to do and alas, it is the first on my list I’ve completed. And – I actually completed it TWICE.

Mid-May, Nate, Miranda and I (all foodies) went to the Asparagus and Flower Heritage Festival in West Brookfield. Loving asparagus, we thought we’d check it out, even though it’s a known fact to all Pioneer Valley people that Hadley, MA really is the mecca of topnotch asparagus.

En route, we passed The Salem Cross Inn, in West Brookfield. We all pointed out how cute/nice it looked. When we arrived at the festival we saw that the Salem Cross Inn had a little booth (?) where they were selling asparagus-related snacks. After doing a run-though of the festival, we enjoyed some asparagus wrapped in prosciutto from the booth. Delicious, juicy, and felt somewhat healthy even though we all knew it wasn’t really. I didn’t realize at the time, but the Salem Cross Inn is actually #7 on the “14 Bucket List Massachusetts Restaurants”!! First item off the summer goal list – DONE.


A few days (or weeks?) later, Nick and I checked out #8 on the list: White Hut in West Springfield. I loved the way this place looks on the outside. I felt like I’m in a different decade.


Nick and I were confused at first at the ordering/check out procedures but the confusion was worth the food. I don’t eat burgers much or anything, but this was by far the best burger I had ever eaten.


The first post of this summer (this one) is short and sweet (or savory). I’m just warming up. Plus, I just watched a hella weird movie and now I’m in a hella weird mood so I’ll stop now. Adios!




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