THE List – 2016

Hi guys! Happy almost end of Spring. This will be my 8th year (whoa) (it could be the 9th year, I don’t know) doing my summer goal list! I’m a little late in creating it this year, usually it’s done by April. As usual, this is just a draft and I’ll be adding on as the summer goes on. This year my last day at work/school is also the first day of summer! How perfect. Here it is!

  1. Go to the Cryptology Museum (I’m such a loser about this kind of stuff. Didn’t realize it was in Maine!)
  2. Go out of the country (The plan is to go to Nova Scotia but I’ll be happy going anywhere in CA)
  3. Host a theme party (I’m thinking: The Kardashians)
  4. Teach a Jazzercise format I haven’t taught before
  5. Get to Inbox 0 (what a lame grown up goal but something that I’ve always wanted in life)
  6. Finish my Italian lessons
  7. Finally win a trivia night (This is in no way up to me. Again, something I’ve always wanted to do).
  8. Do a Pitbull Jazzercise routine to live Pitbull.
  9. Go to a museum with mama
  10. Go to the Clark Art Institute (finally)
  11. Go to a local winery
  12. Find the salamander crossing in Amherst (I’ve heard rumors. No idea where or what this is)
  13. Go to Emily Dickinson’s house and grave (Now that I live in Amherst, I think I NEED to do this)
  14. Find Uma Thurman’s old house (Again, another thing I should attempt to do as an Amherst resident)
  15. Go to the one of the restaurants in Massachusetts I need to go to before I die (
  16. Bike to Holyoke
  17. Go to the Dinosaur tracks in South Hadley
  18. Take a class of sorts (exercise, hobby, art, etc.)


That’s all I have for now! I’ll be adding.




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