“And That’s Pretty Much It”

8. Meet Eric Striffler 


So I’ve been doing the summer goals list for 7 years. This goal was easily the most difficult. Why? Eric Striffler is a *~celebrity~*.

In about 2006 I was super into Youtube. I would watch almost everything but I really liked watching clips from old Nickelodeon shows. Somehow, as I kept clicking on related videos, I came across a hilarious dub of an episode of Legends of the Hidden Temple. I showed it to my friends and to this day we still quote the video pretty regularly.

The person who created and uploaded this video was a Mr. Eric Stiffler. Since I liked his dub so much, I subscribed to him and continued to watch his videos for months, often leaving comments telling him I had a crush on him. He was a hot teen.

I migrated to Myspace (or is it MySpace?) and eventually found Eric on there as well. He had a music account and I would listen to his songs and message him every now and then. Once I messaged him and (jokingly) asked him to be my boyfriend and he actually responded back to me. I was amazed. He told me he was flattered but had a girlfriend. Despite this, I continued to occasionally go back to his Youtube channel and watch his videos.

For a period of time, (not sure when exactly, must have been around 2009-2012), I stopped going on Youtube to watch people I subscribed to. Eventually, I migrated to Twitter, and while not being much of a “tweeter”, I remember at one point thinking to myself, “Whatever happened to that hot Eric Striffler kid from Youtube?”. I searched for him on Twitter and found that he had somehow gotten hotter and that he was still making wonderful videos. He had his own channel but also was 1/3 of a podcast/talk show, Pretty Much It, and 1/3 of an improv show in New York City, Pity Applause. He was doing some big things. I remember feeling like, “Ou, I have a lot of catching up to do” with his videos.

So naturally, as I did in 2006, I would try to contact Eric. Instead of leaving comments on his Youtube channel or messaging his Myspace, now I could tweet to his Twitter. I would tweet random things to him, mostly asking him to put up the now private Legends of the Hidden Temple dub. To my surprise, Eric would actually respond to my tweets. For a while I was completely star struck when he would respond. From there, we would Facebook message and eventually Snapchat. He became one of my friends in a way. He even made the Legends of the Hidden Temple dub public again. <3333333333333333333 

I had told Eric that I had plans in the summer to go to New York City to go to MoMA and he gave me a list of his upcoming Pity Applause shows. I planned to go to the city on a Monday so Mary and I could check out one of his shows at night.

Moments before we went to the show,  Mary and I had discovered that both of our debit cards had shut off and we were 100% stressed out about not having any money in a strange and large city but despite this, we really enjoyed the show, even if this particular one was a little scary.

After the show, I officially met Mr. Eric Striffler. It was, for lack of a better word, magical. This was someone that I had been following on and off for like, almost 10 years.

We all went to a bar after the show and I was pleasantly surprised that along with talented and hilarious (which I already knew about), Eric is also extremely nice. He totally reassured Mary and I about our lack of money and even bought us beers. He was curious about what we had been up to during the afternoon.

[This is a total side note: Eric Striffler was not the only Internet celebrity I met that night. I messaged my pal, Michelle Joni, “the preschool mastermind” to meet us at the bar and she joined us!]

Me, in a fever dream, with Eric Striffler and Michelle Joni.

Me, in a fever dream, with Eric Striffler and Michelle Joni.

Mary and I talked with Eric all night and into the morning and I was so impressed with just how ambitious he is; I never knew how dedicated he is to his work until I really talked with him in person. He is not only an amazingly talented filmmaker, but also just a “WICKED GOOD GUY” as we would say in Massachusetts. And that’s pretty much it.


I could honestly go on and on but I’ll stop here because I want you to click on all of Eric’s things HERE:

Facebook Page

Personal Youtube Channel

Pretty Much It Youtube Channel

Pity Applause Youtube Channel








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