“Skip, skip, skip to my Lou”

#13: Have a skipping squad meet in downtown Northampton


I run a very tiny (but fun!) skipping club in Western Massachusetts called the Pioneer Valley Skipping Club (formally called Samantha’s Skipping Squad). I started it in late March and was totally inspired by Michelle Joni‘s skipping club. I read an article on her adult preschool and decided right then and there she was my role model: fun, carefree, young, and personable. I wanted to have a skipping club in my neck of the woods in hopes to bring some more smiles to the area.

I got in touch with Kim “Skipper” Corbin, founder of The Skipping Movement (the worldwide skipping movement!) and her and Michelle hooked me up with tips, skipping bumper stickers, and all sorts of support and love. Eventually, the Pioneer Valley Skipping Club was up and running!

Our first meet consisted of me, Amanda, and Alex and we skipped Nonotuck Park in Easthampton.

The second meet consisted of me, Nate, and Alex and we did a skipping mural tour of downtown Easthampton.

The third skipping meet was going to be the most public: Downtown Northampton.

For those readers who don’t know, downtown Northampton is energetic, odd, quirky, highly populated, bright, fun, and hip. There’s tons of shops, restaurants, bars, and very eccentric people. It’s home to President Calvin Coolidge, Smith College, and, more recently, The Poopy Guy. I thought having a skipping meet there would be perfect.

I picked up Alex, my most loyal skipper, and we started under the Thrones Market bridge and skipped right on Main Street.

We paused a moment to take a selfie on the corner of Main and Pleasant

We paused a moment to take a selfie on the corner of Main and Pleasant

Alex also took me to the archeological dig happening on the corner of Main and Bridge. So cool! Apparently a few weeks ago they dug up a cow’s head!?

It skip was very short, which was okay because we were both feeling crampy and sleepy. As usual, it was nice to catch up with Alex and hear about how her waterfall adventures are going (she has a similar bucket list, but consisting of New England waterfall visits!).

This was the only skip we’ve done where we didn’t get any weird looks, comments, or “woo!”s, probably because it was Northampton and every person we skipped past probably saw 4 weirder things that same day.

Either way, it was fun and I’m glad to say that I skipped Main Street in Northampton!


More information on skipping:

Home of the worldwide skipping movement: iSkip

Kim “Skipper” Corbin’s Interview with me!: Interview 

Michelle Joni’s NYC Skipping Club Facebook: Skipping Club

Skipping Joy Facebook: Skipping Joy

My Western MA Skipping Club Facebook: Pioneer Valley Skipping Club




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