“When I Dip, You Dip, We Dip”

28. Dip my feet in the Nashawannuck


I’ve always had this kind of weird connection with the Nashawannuck Pond. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen it almost everyday of my life. I remember countless rumors and stories about the pond: Chrome Bear was hidden there, it was going to become swimmable, there was going to be a boardwalk built there. I was so excited when I found the latter was true.

In middle school, a man who worked for an organization to clean the pond told us in a presentation that they were going to drench the pond and it would, in a few years, become swimmable. While they did drench it, years later, I still have not seen anyone in it, aside from kayakers and the like. During Cultural Chaos, a little festival we have in town, people were selling “I helped save Nashawannuck Pond, Easthampton, Massachusetts” sweatshirts, which I, of course, purchased.

The boardwalk was finished earlier this summer (or was it late spring?) and it’s been a hit. They’ve installed surveillance cameras and I almost always see someone there, enjoying the view, usually with an ice cream. Since the boardwalk has been complete I already have great memories from hanging out on it. My favorite is when Axel, Nate, Mel, and I laid on one of the platforms and talked about our favorite food, celebrity crushes, and other random things.

I added this goal to my list a little late because I decided that I really wanted to touch the water for whatever reason. Maybe to feel even more connected to it, if that makes sense?

Yesterday I had plans with Kerry and Trishe (friends from work) and Sinead (friend from Jazzercise) to go to trivia. When that was a bust we ended up getting dinner and ice cream instead. After we got our ice cream, we decided to eat it on the boardwalk, like most people do. And then I dipped my feet in!

Special thanks to Kerry who took the picture!

Special thanks to Kerry who took the picture!

Not sure if you can tell from the photos but that water is by no means clean and clear. It was a nice temperature though!

Probably don’t swim in the Nashawannuck quite yet. But sure! Dip your feet in. I didn’t end up with 3 eyes or 15 fingers so the water isn’t that bad.





UPDATE: One of my friends told me that she has indeed swam in the pond!! “No extra limbs or scales yet”!


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