“Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man”

6. Get a tambourine 


In the winter (at least I think it was winter?) I saw my friend Kate’s band, Rusty Belle. Kate sings and plays drums and does other amazing things but I was mesmerized when she starting playing the tambourine. I hadn’t seen anyone play it that well in person and I was really impressed.

Kate is also an early childhood educator like myself. I thought that I should get a tambourine and, since I’m not at all musically gifted, I’d use it in my classroom as an attention-grabber. I’ve used other instruments to do this including a clave, cabasa, maracas (wait – where are my maracas?), kazoo, etc. I needed a tambourine and fast.

So Mel and I went on a trek to try to find one. We checked many different places but they were all closed (I think it was some holiday. Which holiday was it? Why am I forgetting everything? That wasn’t even that long ago.) so we gave up.

My mom had found an old tambourine downstairs that she got at a tag sale for 10 cents. I love it a lot but when I use it I’m afraid it will break. I didn’t want to bring it into a classroom for that reason.

A few days ago, I walked into work into a classroom I work in, Room 9 – Anne’s room. She had gotten me a little gift, knowing that I love to use instruments in the classroom, and said she saw it and thought of me. It was an adorable tiny tambourine with a Minion on it – PERFECT for any PreK-2 classroom.

Anne and the tambourine she got me!

Anne and the tambourine she got me!

She even wrote a little note on the back!

"For your instrument collection! <3 Mrs. Norton"

“For your instrument collection!

I got SO excited when she showed it to me! I love it. AND she unknowingly helped me cross something off my list!


I’m adding a few as I go!:

28. Dip my feet in the Nashawannuck

29. Playdate with Falcor outside

30. Go to Six Flags


One of my goals is to upload all of my postcards onto my blog. I’ve been doing it the past few days. You can check out my progress here: HERE!

Also, another one of my goals is to start a writing club with Melissa. We’ve started and it’s going slow but steady! Check out our pieces Here (mine) and Here (her’s)




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