It’s About That Time :)

Hello my dear sweet friends! It’s almost summer so it’s time to post my list for this years’ summer goals. How appropriate, too; today is my two-year anniversary on WordPress! Thank you to my followers and everyone who commented or liked posts during my “off season”!

Before I post the list, I’ll briefly explain the idea for those who might not know about it. Starting in 2008, I would make lists of things I wanted to do during the summer. At first, I would do them and that would be the end of it. As the years went on, I would do the goals and then take photos as “evidence” and finally (starting two years ago), I would do them, take photos, and blog about my experience. I’m so glad I started blogging about my summers because right now they’re really fun to look back on and remember the adventures, note the poor grammar (which probably hasn’t changed much), and see all the pictures.

My summer goals wouldn’t be what they are without my friends who go on these weird endeavors with me. I’d like to thank my pals for always saying “yes” to any poorly planned adventure with me. That being said, any buddy who would like to join me for any or all of these is of course welcome!

This year is a little different. It’s the first summer that I have a “big girl” job. Being a teacher, I have the summers off which is nice, however, my school year doesn’t end until June 30 – over a week after the first day of summer. However, that’s not going to stop me from trying to check some things off. Also this summer, I will be trying to figure out my job situation for the fall. I have not included “Find or keep a job” on my summer goals list this year because that’s more of a real life goal rather than something that I solely want to do for summer. That sentence might not make sense, but it does to me. SO WHATEVER.

Well, here’s the list. As usual, things will be added as the days go on. This is what I’ve been working on since February.

  1. Go to the Cape Cod Lavender Farm
  2. Read 5 books from 2015 Reading Challenge
  3. See a Frida Kahlo painting original in real life
  4. Post all postcards on blog (from the 2014 list)
  5. Go to the Yiddish Book Center (from the 2014 list)
  6. Get a tambourine
  7. Finish a memoir
  8. Meet Eric Striffler
  9. Perform in an open mic
  10. Sell a drawing
  11. Learn the jaw harp
  12. Plant an herb or food (from the 2014 list)
  13. Have a skipping squad meet in downtown Northampton
  14. Make an appetizer meal from Pinterest (from the 2014 list)
  15. Go to Hershey Park
  16. Host a 90’s theme summer party
  17. Teach a speciality class I haven’t taught before at Jazzercise
  18. Finish The Twilight Zone series
  19. Slide the city in Holyoke
  20. For a whole week, drink the amount of water I’m supposed to drink
  21. Get a makeover and learn how to do makeup
  22. Do writing club with Melissa

I think it’s a challenging list, but I’m excited to tackle it. Many thanks to everyone: followers, friends, and everyone who has started their own summer goals list!


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