“Parties, uh…Find a Way”

#3) Throw Jurassic Park party


I need to go really far back to explain this goal. I’ll begin with Summer 2013 (I think it was summer?).

A few friends and I went to see Jurassic Park at Amherst Cinema. I was probably the only one in the theater who hadn’t seen it before. I was screaming and crying and thought it was one of the most amazing movies I had ever seen. It seriously freaked me out because a) children in danger! b) why can’t we extract dinosaur DNA from a mosquito?

I loved the movie so much that I went digging through my basement and started reading the book. I distinctly remember reading the book in California (January) because all of the lizards running around was really scaring me. The book was great and really different from the movie and I just thought the whole idea of a Jurassic Park was amazing.

So, sometime in the month of January, me, Axel, Melissa, and Nate went out to eat at this new (at the time) Greek restaurant. I had mentioned that I just finished reading Jurassic Park and then we all talked about the movie for a while. I don’t know who thought of it, but someone had the idea of making a Jurassic Park themed party. We are all about themed parties so this excited us so much that we talked about it in the restaurant for hours. I went home after lunch and immediately made an event page for the themed party. This is somewhat what it said:

Jurassic Park-y

Hold on to your ladles – Coming Summer 2014

From the creators who brought you the Arrested Development themed party comes a new event that focuses on everyone’s favorite science fiction action film, Jurassic Park.

I will (hopefully) be renting a projector and we will watch the movie outside, as the dinosaurs would’ve (or can….)

YOU MUST DRESS UP AS A DINOSAUR, preferably a herbivore. Not really but you probably should.

There will be themed food, themed music, themed games/activities before the film starts at sundown, etc. You can sleep over but please BYOT (BRING YOUR OWN TENT)


People started responding right away and eventually people were posting all sorts of hilarious dinosaur related images and videos onto the page.

My mom asked if we could turn this party into my graduation party which I was excited for. She and my dad helped out SO much with the food (ribs, pulled pork, etc.), the projector, a bounce house water slide?!, tent, and so on! Gracias, parents!

The date finally approached after patiently waiting 7 months. We had some good costumes.

Steven as Ian Malcolm, myself as Alan Grant

Steven as Ian Malcolm, myself as Alan Grant

Axel and Melissa as paleontologists

Axel and Melissa as paleontologists

Renee as a dinosaur

Renee as a dinosaur

Tim as a Jurassic Park visitor

Tim as a Jurassic Park visitor

Casey as Ray Arnold

Casey as Ray Arnold


Melissa and I made mosquito and amber jello shots we found from here!: http://2brokegeeks.tumblr.com/post/45379299629/jurassic-park-cocktail-recipe-mosquito-amber-jello

My neighbor, who was DJing, played some dinosaur sounds!

We had a blow-up pterodactyl!

The projector/DVD didn’t work! Oh well!


It was such a fun time and I think worth the 7 month wait. I am so glad there was a good turn out. Themed parties are the best, especially when the theme is Jurassic Park. I highly recommend hosting your own Jurassic Park party and inviting me.




(P.S. The title of this post was posted on the event page a few days before the party from my friend Steven. I thought it was perfect)



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