“Lately You’ve Been Tan, Suspicious for the Winter”

#5) Get a tan in Costa Rica


Hola, everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while. As mentioned a few weeks (or a month! Eee!) ago, I went to Costa Rica with my school for a course. When I arrived back home, I had a lot of things to do and people to see. Despite this, I have been working on my infamous summer goals list and I will definitely be posting more, probably this week.

Costa Rica was the most amazing experience of my life. Prior to going, my classmates and I and the professors had a meeting so we could discuss what we would be doing there and so the professors could answer any questions we had about the trip. I raised my hand and asked: “Will I get a tan?”, to which one of my professors, Trudy, replied that no, I would not. It was then and there that I said in my head, and probably out loud, “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED”. I added it to my list when I got home.

My tan history. Well, I have what some people would call olive skin. During the winter my skin is, what I would consider, pale, but other people still think it’s tan, or at least tanner and most. During the summer I get pretty dark, but not as dark as I used to get when I was younger. Knowing this, I kept wondering WHY Trudy said I wouldn’t get a tan.

Trudy told me that a good amount of the time we spend in Costa Rica will be in the rainforest where it would be shady and rainy. She told us there was one day where we have a few hours at the beach.

So I packed up my rain jacket, binoculars, and bug spray. And I looked longingly at my bathing suit and spoke to it, “Don’t fail me now”, and we were on our way.

Now, I would write pages and pages about Costa Rica and all of the adventures my friends and I went on, from horseback riding to zip lining, but alas, this is my summer goals blog, and I need to stick to the question at hand: Did I get a tan?

I’ll fast-forward to one of our last days in Costa Rica. We went to the Playa Biesanz in Manuel Antonio. This beach was simply amazing.


The Pacific water, instead of the freezing cold ocean water that we’re used to, was like a bath tub. Instead of seagulls stealing your food, you get Capuchin monkeys and raccoons.

And the sun was incredible. Costa Rica is very close to the equator and I could feel myself getting tanner with each minute, event though we were in Costa Rica during their winter. I would only lay out for a few minutes before running into the ocean to cool down.

Workin' on our tanz.

Workin’ on our tanz.

When we left the beach to go shopping in town, we started noticing everyone’s burns and feeling our own. Even though I put on my sunscreen, I was feeling quite burnt.

Marissa and I showing off our burns.

Marissa and I showing off our burns.

I was hopeful. My burns typically turn into tans. Sure enough, two days later, I was feeling less pained from my burn but more happy about my tan that I worked so hard for (I didn’t really work hard though at all).

So, we went off to San Jose for our last night in Costa Rica. I showed Trudy my tan and we just had to take a picture.

Me, feeling proud. Trudy, in shock.

Me, feeling proud. Trudy, in shock.

I’m happy I didn’t think too much about getting my tan on while on the beach. Jumping into the ocean with my friends and swimming and lifting each other and laughing was one of my favorite memories of the trip. I didn’t sit on the sand for the hours we were given while applying tanning lotion every 10 minutes. Forgetting about it and instead splashing around was probably the reason I got a tan.


Now I have to maintain it.





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