“Young and Sweet Only 23”

#17: Karaoke with Bianca


It’s not like I have never karaoked with Bianca before. Actually, we’ve sang several karaoke songs together. But, I had to add this favorite past time to my list for two major reasons:

1) Last summer, Bianca moved (I wrote about this last summer in the post where her and I made homemade Play-Dough) and I knew she would be home for a week in summer and wanted to do something with her that we both love.

2) Since she left last year, I discovered a new karaoke bar that I knew she’d like.

Our old place, Glory Days, had closed so I had to find a new place to get my fill of karaoke and had discovered the World War II Club, or as we call it, The Deuce. Although further away, it’s so fun and there’s tons of dancing to be done.

So, Bianca and I picked a date to do the damn thing and decided on this past Friday, the 16th. We invited a lot of people and a lot of people showed up! We put in two slips for songs: Dancing Queen by Abba (our stage names being Hitman Sammy Sam and Ja’mie) and Cell Block Tango by the cast of Chicago (our stage names being The Original Broadway Cast). The latter song we sung with our friends, Mel Willy and Axel (who I have also blogged about before).

We got up to sing Dancing Queen and of course, brought the house down. Bianca was getting the crowd going and we were changing the lyrics to things about the Deuce. Bianca, while singing, asked a man in the audience “What are you?”, forcing the mic into his face, and he sang “A dancing queen”. The DJ mispronounced Bianca’s stage name and we corrected him for like 5 minutes after, into our mics, of course.

After a few more performances, we all sang the Cell Block Tango. But I won’t get into that. I’ll just say this: it was bad.

Bianca leaves for California tomorrow and needless to say, I’ll miss her like crazy. I’m glad we were able to do one of our favorite past times together while she was here for the short week.




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