What’s coming up!

Hi everyone,

As I mentioned a few days ago, I’m in a bit of a dry spell BUT I’m crossing a lot of things off this week/month. A lot of the things are goals that require taking time off, having someone else take time off, and road tripping. Thus, the last few things on my list are the most difficult to complete. Here is what I have left:


1. Watch Life is But a Dream with Lauren M. This will be hard because Lauren and I can’t seem to get our hands on that movie! If you know where we can get it from, please comment!

2. Go to Hong Kong bar with Mary. Again, this is hard because the bar is in Boston so I’ll need to take two days off that work with Mary’s schedule.

8. Go to Salem. I’m doing this one this week! It’ll most likely be a great day/post.

15. Go spelunking. Well, I found the cave. Now I just need to find the day.

18. Make rock candy. Hopefully very soon!

22. Go to a Watermelon Wednesday. Bought ticket for August 28! 

23. Go to Lexington/Concord. This will be hard too. 

25. Watch every episode of Arrested Development with Nate. We’ve watched the first couple episodes but we really need to get cracking. 

27. Organize a kickball game. Will most likely just be a get together in my backyard but will still be fun. 

28. Learn how to curl my hair. Just has always been a challenge for me. 

30. Bike to Belchertown. Just need to find the time.

34. Starting in August, make a new meal at least once a week. This is big for me. I don’t cook. But, I’m doing 1/4 today! Check back tonight to read about it! 


So I have a while to go and a few weeks left. Usually I end the list on September 21 or the first day of fall. I start school September 4…Let’s see how many I can get before then!


Thank you for the support! I’ve been getting a lot of followers/love and I really appreciate it so much. During my “off season”, I plan on making another blog about my travels/road trips. I’ll update you all, for sure.





2 thoughts on “What’s coming up!

  1. I’m going to Salem tomorrow! You should get lunch at the Flying Saucer Pizza Company. You’ll love it. It’s quirky and delicious.

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