“Don’t go too fast but I go pretty far”

#32: Bike to a Jazzercise class


I think to start off the post I’ll have to explain what Jazzercise is. If you’ve heard of Jazzercise, chances are you have the wrong idea about it because it’s a common misconception that Jazzercise is an “old lady” thing where customers where leotards and legwarmers. I first heard of Jazzercise from my mom, who Jazzercised before I was even born, and my idea of Jazzercise was that it was lame. But, a few years ago, my mom brought me to a class. One hour later, I had a new idea of what Jazzercise was: INCREDIBLE.

3 years later I’m now a Jazzercise instructor; I teach the classes (and yes, my mom is one of my customers)! Jazzercise is an aerobic work out that incorporates kickboxing moves, pilates, yoga, jazz dance, stretch, and strength training. Jazzercise works on a curve; you start off my working fairly lightly and then go up the curve. At the top of the curve you’re breathing a little heavier and working harder. After the top of the curve, you go down gradually, and the class ends with strength training (using exercise tubes, handheld weights, etc.) and a cool down/stretch.

When I first started Jazzercise, like I said, I fell in love. A few months later I was class managing classes in the two centers owned by the Franchise Owner, Andrea: one in Easthampton and one in Amherst. I started teaching a little over two years ago only in Easthampton. I would bike the short distance (less than a mile) to my classes every Tuesday/Thursday afternoon.

Jazzercise in Easthmapton has since been closed and Jazzercise in Hadley has been moved to our own studio in South Amherst, Studio 116. I’ve been teaching there for, hmmmm..A year? Two years? I can’t remember. I love it there. The studio is so aesthetically pleasing, air conditioned, filled with smiling faces and awesome instructors, and a great dance floor.

Since I used to bike to Jazzercise in Eashtmapton all the time, I decided to put “Bike to a Jazzercise class” on my list. Although the distance is about 15x longer than it took me to bike to Easthampton, there’s no reason why that should stop me!

Last week I picked up a beautiful new bike that I saved the money up for by teaching extra Jazzercise classes for some of my fellow instructors. I waited until my bike lock came in the mail to set off on my journey.

The new bike! (Not pictured: streamers)

The new bike! (Not pictured: streamers)

I biked A LOT today:

  1. Biked from home (Easthampton) to work (Downtown Northampton)
  2. Biked from work (Downtown Northampton) to lunch with Amanda (downtown Easthampton)
  3. Biked from lunch with Amanda (Downtown Easthampton) to Jazzercise (South Amherst)
  4. Biked from Jazzercise (South Amherst) to Subway for dinner (Downtown Easthampton)
  5. Biked from Subway (Downtown Easthampton) to home (Easthampton)

On my way to Jazzercise, my biking app “Map my Ride” wasn’t working. My headphones also weren’t working. So it was kind of a long trip. As mentioned, I had already been biking that day and it was super hot today so I was really taking my time.

But I love the Manhan Bike Trail. The scenery is lovely, the trail has a lot of little hills, the people that walk or ride by are usually friendly, and there’s a lot to see. There’s even some little shops right on my path for the bikers (i.e. Tandem Bagels and the Ice Cream Peddler (correct spelling? Not sure)). And what’s a bike path without a few fun tunnels?

I got off for Jazzercise at what I call the “Amherst Exit” which is right on 116, kind of by Amherst College. Once off the bike path from there, the sidewalk is really bumpy and hilly. That was probably the most difficult part of my ride.

It took me about 1.5 hours to get from the Easthampton Diner to Jazzercise. I left at around 2 pm and go there at about 3:30. I took two of Andrea’s classes; one at 4:30 and one at 5:40. Needless to say, I’m pretty tired right now.

After class, “Map my Ride” was working so I started to record my workout. I decided to get on at a different part of the bike path rather than the “Amherst Exit”. I got on by the mall in Hadley and took beautiful back roads to get there.

Sorry, hard to take pictures while riding.

Sorry, hard to take pictures while riding.

IMG_5133 IMG_5134 IMG_5136

It was much nicer than the bumpy 116 highway.

I went through tunnels, over the recycled glass section of the road, up hills, down hills, passed people, got passed, saw a shirtless man riding his bike and singing to himself while playing with his beard (with both hands) who gave me a “hand ten” hand gesture and say “ayyyyy sista!”, braked for cars, made cars brake for me, drank plenty of water, sang to myself, thought about happy things, decided to get Subway, and sweat the entire time. Although I have never biked that far alone before, I still had a blast.

Check out Jazzercise. It is so much fun and a great workout; you burn up to 600 calories a class! It was nice to bike there and bike back; I was worried was going be too tired to ride back but instead I was more energized. Putting this on my list was a good idea, if I do say so myself.

Here are my little stats from “Map my Ride”:

Overall details. Road 14.16 miles on a cruiser on July 16. Took 1:27:33 and average speed was 9.7 mph.

Overall details. Road 14.16 miles on a cruiser on July 16. Took 1:27:33 and average speed was 9.7 mph.

Says I burned 440 calories and shows when I rode faster and slower.

Says I burned 440 calories and shows when I rode faster and slower.

"Route Detail". Not too sure what that means.

“Route Detail”. Not too sure what that means.

My "climbs". Not sure what this is.

My “climbs”. Not sure what this is.

For more information about Jazzercise at Studio 116:

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JazzerciseStudio116
  • Address: 460 West St., Amherst, MA 01002
  • More info: http://www.jazzercise.com

For more information about Jazzercise:





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