“If I had to describe that online class in emojis it would be this…”

#7: Get an A in online class

Note the "A".

Note the “A”.

After a change of major at a community college, I decided to go for Liberal Arts and, after taking longer than anticipated to get my associates (but still finally getting it) I transferred to another school and hated it a lot. So I transferred again. Needless to say, due to all the transferring and major changes, I am behind. Very behind. But that’s okay. I am finally at a school I am in love with doing something that I am in love with.

But, because I’m so far behind, I’ve been having to take a few summer classes, something I had never wanted to do. I cherish my summer too much. Last year I took an online summer class for the first time (and getting an A in that was on my summer goals list for that year!) that gave me the credits I needed and made it so I didn’t have to drive to school everyday. It was the easiest class I ever took. And I learned a lot from it. My online/summer experience went really well, so I wasn’t too upset about signing up for another one this summer.

If I didn’t take this class I needed during the summer, I’d be even further behind or be forced to do two 6-class semesters (rather than just 1). I was glad to get it out of the way. I was also super pumped because my good friend Lauren (also from this post) also signed up for it!

I won’t say where I took the class, with what professor, or even the name of the class in case the professor or someone in my class who isn’t Lauren is reading this for some reason. Let’s just say it was a computer class. Because it was. So I thought it would be a good idea to take this class online rather than in a classroom where I’m not used to the computers.

The class was in what’s called Summer Session 1, meaning it’s the first 6 weeks of “summer”. It started May 20 and ended July 1. The class had students from all different walks of life, some already had careers and just wanted to know more about computers, some were undergrads like myself and Lauren.

The class was, in a word, mediocre. I really didn’t learn that much. It was a decent amount of work and definitely kept me occupied, especially the day before the week’s worth of stuff was due. The professor, for being a computer teacher, did not know how to use the program at all. Links were broken or nonexistent. It was very unorganized. Despite this, I worked hard and emailed her if I had any questions and she was pretty good at responding. I just had to keep reminding myself “It’s only 6 weeks”.

Lauren and I almost constantly complained about that class and it’s contents. We also complained a lot about the grades we were receiving. They didn’t make any sense. I’d have a grade like 90/50. I even would get something like 25/50 on something that I didn’t even look at yet. That was really annoying. I was always wondering what my grade was and what I would end up with.

Well, I ended up with an A. I was very pleased but not too surprised. The class was not very intellectually chllengeing in any way, shape, or form.

I asked Lauren to voice her opinion on the class:

“That online class was the WORST class I have ever taken in my life. I wanted to drink my face off when it was over…idc if we both got A’s that class made me never wanna take an online class again. “HEY GUYZ SORRY IDK HOW TO TEACH OR USE COMPUTERS BUT IM GOING TO TEACH THIS COMPUTER CLASS ANYWAYS!!” basically her exact words. Thats all im going to say my blood pressure is sky high just thinking about it”

She then added,

“If I had to describe that online class in emojis it would be this…”:


Anyway, here are some tips for taking an online summer class:

  • Sign up with a friend! That way you can ask each other questions instead of asking one of your classmates online. You never know when they’re going to see your email/message or if they’ll respond.
  • Get familiar with the program you’re using early on. That way you won’t spend a ton of time trying to figure it out during the summer.
  • Do every assignment in a Word document first. Some online class programs might not have spell or grammar check. Better be safe than sorry.
  • Save everything you do in a Word document. Your professor might not have received something you did. Make sure you save it somewhere. Also, you can keep it for future references.
  • Don’t save everything for the last minute. I mean, you can, and I did the last 2 weeks of this class. But it added so much unnecessary stress to my life. Do a little everyday.
  • Be prepared to do some work. Yeah, it’s summer, and yeah, it sucks you have to do work during summer. But incorporate it nicely into your summer. You might have to read a couple pages for class. Read it outside in the sun!

Overall, it was a decent experience. Not as great as the one I took last summer, but at least it brought me closer to graduation.

Next thing on my list, I think, is happening TOMORROW! Whatever will it be? I’m very excited about this one!




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