“Never give up and good luck will find you”

#6: Do the Never Ending Story drinking game with Lauren

I asked Jenna and Lauren to show in their faces how they felt about the movie so far. This was during the part where Falcor is talking to Atreyu and is basically hitting on him.

I asked Jenna and Lauren to show in their faces how they felt about the movie so far. This was during the part where Falcor is talking to Atreyu and is basically coming on to him.

Don’t ask me why, but one day I mentioned the movie The NeverEnding Story to my good friend Lauren, probably talking about how much I loved it as a child in a scary kind of way. I had/have it on VHS and remember watching it when I was little and being fascinated. I had watched it a few years ago too, and thought it was entertaining even then. Lauren had never heard of the movie let alone see it. This shocked me. I always thought that The NeverEnding Story was a childhood classic, that you have to had seen in when you were a child in order to advance into your preteen years. So, I decided right then and there that Lauren HAD to see The NeverEnding Story. She just had to.

So I thought to myself, “How will I even get Lauren to watch a 80’s fantasty film with me?”. I Googled “NeverEnding Story Drinking game” and found this and this and put the two lists into one Word document. I decided one of my summer goals would be to make Lauren do The NeverEnding Story drinking game(s) with me. I had done another movie night goal a few years ago where I invited 5 of my friends over to watch Spice World, and that was fun, so I was excited to do this one too.

A few weeks after I had decided to do this goal, I mentioned it to my other friends. Miranda, lover of all weird, old, B movies (which I love her for), had of course seen the movie before, owns it, and loves it. My other friends: Amanda and Jenna, also had never heard of it. Of course, this also shocked me. So I decided that they too, should join us in this drinking game.

So, I made a Facebook event so we could all stay on top of it. I had planned it for some date in the end of June but ended up having to cancel due to prior arrgenments with my mom. So I rescheduled it for tonight. Here’s what the description said:

So one day Lauren and I were talking and she told me she’s never seen The Neverending Story, a 80’s children’s movie that is both fantastic and odd. Recently I discovered that several of you also haven’t seen it. I realized then that I needed to bring this movie in your lives.
But how? How can I get a bunch of girls to watch a strange, old, movie? “Ah-ha!”, I thought with excitement, “I’ll add booze to the picture!”
And so I searched the web and discovered that there is indeed a Neverending Story drinking game (http://www.lazydork.com/movies/neverending.shtml) and decided to put it on my summer goals list that you are all so familiar with.
So let’s get drunk while watching one of the best films of all time. Trailer seen here: 

This is also just a good chance for all of us to hang out like old timez. Perhaps we can order a pizza and make Kwanzza sticks.

Let me know which day of the week works best for you pretty ladies.

(*Side note: Kwanzaa sticks are a traditional in our circle of friends. They’re just pretzel rods dipped in melted chocolate then covered with sprinkles)

The picture for the event was one of my favorite pictures of all time, one that my friend Nick made for me.

Me riding Falcor

Me riding Falcor. Art by Nick.

I woke up this morning really excited for this movie night and so I tested the VCR (yup) to make sure everything was running smoothly. It was not. I then checked Netflix to see in the movie was on there. It was not. Lauren then told me the movie was online and we could connect it from a laptop to the TV. This fascinated me.

Amanda had to work and Miranda was coming late, but Lauren and Jenna came over around 8. I made homemade sangria which would be what we drink from while playing the game. Lauren figured out the whole laptop/TV thing.

Pretty proud of it! Red wine, cranberry cocktail, apples, strawberries, ground cinnamon.

Pretty proud of it! Red wine, cranberry cocktail, apples, strawberries, ground cinnamon.

I printed out copies of my Word document of all the drinking rules and gave one to Jenna and one to Lauren. I also brought out the nail polishes because it was a girls night in after all.

Jenna seemed genuinely interested in the beginning of the movie, often asking questions and making hilarious comments. She also brought up a good point: Why is everything unusual in Fantasia except the horse? The horse is just a normal horse. But this is Fantasia. Why doesn’t it like, talk or anything? Touche, Jenna.

Lauren seemed interested at first too. She thought Bastian was cute and also made hilarious comments. Jenna and Lauren were pretty pissed off that [SPOILER] Artax, the horse, died in the Swamp of Sadness. I think that’s when their attention went elsewhere. It was either at that point or when their realized that Falcor is indeed a pedophile, actually saying to Atreyu, and I quote, “I like children”. According to Lauren, “Falcor ruined the night”.

We also realized at one point that Jenna looks strikingly similar to Atreyu:

Jenna or Atreyu?

Jenna or Atreyu?

It was hard to follow the drinking games because there were so many rules and a lot of them were stuff like “Anytime someone says Atreyu” and that happens quite a bit. Being the day after the Fourth of July, we were all already kind of exhausted so the drinking part just came naturally rather than whenever something happens.

Towards the end of the movie Miranda came over and brought over some pizza and watched the rest of the movie with us. We mostly ended up talking about random stuff, which is great because we don’t get to see each other too much during the school year, so it was nice to catch up a little. It was really nice to bring something from my childhood into my adulthood that includes my friends, since I didn’t know them when I was very young and had first seen the movie. It was fun to laugh about all the ridiculous puppet stuff in it and old jokes.

After the movie was over we went online and looked up some of the actors to see what they look like now. Then we, of course, watched several cat and dog videos on Youtube.

I’d say this list item was good. We, of course, talked the entire time but really what do you expect? I’m still counting it because we did do the drinking game (for the most part) and I’m pretty impressed that I got Lauren to watch it.

English: The Auryn . Real size of it (appr 64 ...

English: The Auryn . Real size of it (appr 64 mm) were determinated from the chain length, chain lenth were determinated from pendulum length from phisics. I made a bronze replica of it too. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






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