Bake, bake, bake, senora

One of my dearest friends, Nora, who you’ve seen in my post about the Museum of Bad Art, is in the process of starting her own baking business!!

Now, take it from me, NORA IS THE BEST BAKER I KNOW! I’ve had her cookies, cinnamon rolls, and cake and they were all incredible.

To help inform her friends and the public about her business, she started a blog. So all like, 4, of my followers should take a minute and follow her blog here!:


I know this isn’t related to my summer goals list, but it kind of is. One of my goals is to bake something with the princess of the pastries herself, Nora!

So follow her blog and keep a look out soon for her bakery bicycle business! So exciting!





3 thoughts on “Bake, bake, bake, senora

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