“Once you get to the party in your white trash garb, have fun”

#26: Make a Greasy and Ugly video

Some of the editing process from the latest GreasyandUgly video (watch it below)

Some of the editing process from the latest GreasyandUgly video (watch it below)

I guess the way to start this blog is to describe what a “Greasy and Ugly video” is. Greasy and Ugly, or as it’s known in the YouTube world, greasyANDugly, is Mary and I’s YouTube channel. Starting August 23, 2008, Mary and I have been YouTube L-listers; not quite the next like, I don’t know, Jenna Marbles or whoever, but definitely up there (not really at all).

On my old YouTube account, I had a few videos of Mary and I just goofing around and being dumb. We got a lot of hate comments so we decided to make a YouTube account together. The story of greasyANDugly is actually perfectly described in our YouTube channel’s “About” section:

So, once Mary and Sam made some videos, and everyone called us names. Then, we went on stickam and one dude kept calling us greasy and ugly. & the name sort of stuck. We’re two girls who like being stupid and making stupid movies. Hate us if you want, Like us if you want, and if you’re a creeper, please dont creep all ova us! k bai.

Mary and I currently have:

  • 55 subscribers
  • 83 videos
  • 3 fans

By “fans” I mean people who subscribe to us (or not even) who make frequent appearances in the comments section of our videos.

Mary and I have both experienced some Internet fame (not really). But, there has been times in my life, and Mary’s as well, where someone (even strangers) have approached (or Facebook messaged) one of us asking if we were  from “that video”. “That video” is usually our most popular, Tiffany’s Theme Song, which we made in high school for a girl in our class. I think Tiffany herself has also experienced some fame from that video.

Despite our “one-hit-wonder” of Tiffany’s Theme Song, our videos are really good. Or so we think. We have made videos on the following:

  1. Halloween (two times)
  2. Our trip to New York City
  3. Make up tutorials
  4. Karaoke
  5. Music videos
  6. Jam seshs (there was a time where we would just make videos of us singing into the camera)
  7. Slideshows of random pictures set to Taylor Swift songs
  8. Reaction videos to gross videos
  9. And way more

So Mary moved away to Boston and we couldn’t really make anymore videos together. But, I knew I’d get to see her a little this summer, so I put this on my list of things to do.

Mary and I are also planning a huge All American White Trash Themed Pool Party, which we try to do every year. Last year we made a video promoting the party.

This year, we decided to do the same thing. It was nice to vlog with Mary after not appearing in a video together in over a year.

So here it is, the final product: THE NEW GREASYANDUGLY VIDEO:


Watch all of the greasyANDugly videos here: http://www.youtube.com/user/greasyANDugly?feature=watch

We also have a Facebook page that I won’t even bother posting on here.







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