“Au temps pour moi”

#11: Watch a French film with Jojo

I have seen only a few French films before (all I can think of is Amelie, The ArtistDelicatessen, King of Hearts, and some of Micmacs) and have really loved all that I’ve seen. For my summer list, I decided to add ‘Watch a French film with Jojo’, who is my very dear friend, recent graduate (woo!), and a true Frenchmen.

Jojo and I have been friends for about a year and have grown closer and closer in that time. I learned that her and her family are from France. I wanted to watch a French film that was well-known in France. So, who better to watch a French film with than someone who actually knows which French films are popular among the French?

After thinking about it for actually a few weeks, we came up with a few movies that we could watch. It took a while to think of a good movie that wasn’t depressing, was French, was popular, and had English subtitles for yours truly. Carole, Jojo’s older sister (and also a recent graduate (woo!) but of the college level), helped us out with this. We came up with OSS 117, Hors de Prix, and L’aunerge Espagnole.

Today I met Jojo and Carole in town and we feasted on a large amount of sushi at Taipei and Tokyo and then got some ice cream from Herrell’s. We then ventured to their house where we tried to watch Hors de Prix, only to find that no English subtitles were available. We then decided on a movie: OSS 117.

This movie is your classic spy film spoof. I thought of it as the French Austin Powers. I don’t want to give away any of the movie but it’s James Bond meets hilarity. Jean DuJardin, who I’ve seen in The Artist, plays Agent OSS 117 and by the end of the movie I not only had a gigantic crush on him but also just wanted to see any and every thing film he’s been in. Berenice Bejo was also in the film (and The Artist) as was Richard Sammel from Inglorious Basterds. It was interesting to see people I’ve seen in movies before but in speaking roles (rather than The Artist) or foreign movies (rather than Inglorious Basterds).

While me and the sisters watched the movie Jojo painted and we all had ice cream and tea. It was really nice to just have a low key night with some girls and laugh and laugh at the movie. I especially loved the sound effects and how funny/stupid DuJardin’s character was (the quote used as the title of this post is something his character says frequently after he says something dumb. Translates to: “I didn’t know”). The music was also awesome.

Action movies are usually pretty hard for me to follow, even in English, so I was often times lost during this movie. It’s hard to read all the subtitles while trying to also look at the characters facial expressions. While I have seen movies with subtitles before, it was more difficult this time, probably because the movie was pretty action-y and spy-y and went pretty fast for me. But Jojo and Carole helped me out, of course.

This whole night made me really wish I could speak and understand a second language. It also made me really want to date Jean DuJardin or look like Berenice Bejo. But, if you’re looking for a some good laughs, a girl’s night in, a spy spoof, or just up to eye some man candy, OSS 117 is the way to go.

Top left: Jojo and I Bottom left: Jojo and Carole

Top left: Jojo and I
Bottom left: Jojo and Carole

Shout out to Ms. Jojo who helped me with the French lingo and everything in this post!

Also, sorry this isn’t my best post. I’m tired!



I leave you with this:

English: Jean Dujardin photographed by Studio ...

English: Jean Dujardin photographed by Studio Harcourt Paris Français : Jean Dujardin photographié par Studio Harcourt Paris Harcourt Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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