“Because everybody wants to be touched softly like a whisper”

#12:  See Emily perform poetry

What an eventful night! I went to Emily’s performance tonight and HAD to write about it tonight as well because, I admit, I want to become a”famous blogger”, but I am not serious enough to be the type of person, or blogger, who brings a notebook along to places and takes notes. So, I’m going to write about even while it’s still very fresh in my mind.

I’ll start very basic. Who is Emily?, You might wonder. Emily is my friend and co-worker. I’ve known Emily for a few months and everyday I seem to learn something new about her. She could be best described by me as a wild, creative, and free spirit. As I’ve gotten to know Emily, I discovered that her true passion lies in writing. She’s going to school next year to be a journalist and is probably reading this blog post about her and wanting to correct all of my grammar, which is fine. Emily told me once that she writes and performs her own poetry. After looking at her tweets and Facebook statuses, I discovered that Emily is quite the poet even with social media. Upon noticing this, I also realized Emily even talks like a poet. It’s really impossible to describe her in detail because she is very detailed and unique.

So I wanted to see Emily perform poetry. It’s interesting to see people you know or you’re friends with or you’re dating or who you work with in a setting that you’re not used to seeing them in. I’m used to seeing Emily in work clothes at our place of work doing our job. Sometimes she’ll tag along with me to concerts, but I wanted to see her in her natural habitat doing what she loves to do.

Emily gave me some dates she will be slamming (reading poems and competing against other contestants) and performing (reading poems, no competition). She told me the best one to go to would be a performance show called Poetry Undressed. This show has several poets, music, comedians, and the occsional fashion show. Every poem, song and joke is somehow about sex, love, passion, relationships, and so on (but mostly sex). The fashion show that happened last time was a lingerie fashion show.

This intrigued me quite a bit. I wanted to see Emily in her natural habitat and I also wanted to hear her “spit” about something that personal. Like I said, seeing people in a light you’re not used to seeing them in is interesting. So I said something along the lines of “Yes, absolutely, I will be there”.


We paid Emily for the $10 ticket and she dropped them off for us a work and told us we would meet her there. I was accompanied by my friend Grace (also a co-worker and friend of Emily, who is always down to do something new) and her boyfriend Alex (also a very adventurous person). After Alex ate his much needed Jamaican beef patty, we met Grace, Emily, and I’s boss, Nina (a huge lover of poetry and a poet herself). After some confusion about what time the show was (there was a 7:00 show and a 9:00 show. We were all set to go to the 7 PM show but not enough people were arriving so they moved it to just 9. Thankfully Emily was there and could call and report that to us) we arrived at the place.

Coco bread with a Jamaican beef patty

Coco bread with a Jamaican beef patty (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The place, though somewhat difficult to find at first, was very cool. It’s called Renaissance ArtSpace and it’s right in Springfield. You walk up a few flights of stairs and then -BOOM- total ambience. Dim lighting, nice candles, a R&B jazzy band. So beautiful and relaxing. We met up with our friends Bianca (also a co-worker/adventurer (you might recognize her from another completed goal)) and Lumper, one of Alex’s friends. Some people with cameras asked if they could interview us for a television spot (local access, I think) and ended up talking to Nina, me for a little bit, and Alex.

After a while of waiting (but with the R&B band still playing, a slideshow of sexy pictures on the wall, and some man giving us hand massages), the host, a VERY hilarious comedian named Darryl Rosemond, came out and made some super funny jokes. He mentioned how our table was the only group of white people there and had a little conversation through the microphone with Alex about Jamaican beef patties.

The poets were incredible. The poems were, in general, dirty, sensual, funny, sweet, sad, and always beautiful. There was a lot of variety too. Some people sang songs (1+1 by Beyonce, for example), some came up to do jokes, and a pair came up and did a poem together. It was also a first-timers first time, which I can imagine was really stressful for her but she did great. The good thing was that it was a BYOB event so the performers could have a little drink to calm their nerves before going up.

When Emily performed I was literally shocked. I knew she was talented but I had no idea she could read her beautiful work with such a wonderful flow. It was perfect. The words were fierce, powerful, and graceful all at the same time. People clapped when they were supposed to, laughed when they were supposed to, and cheered when they were supposed to (and Bianca snapped all night). Emily performed 2 poems both flawlessly and was DEFINITELY a crowd favorite. I will admit that I cried like a baby during one of them since it was very relatable to me. She made me feel many emotions at once.

I was really happy I went to see Emily perform her poetry. While it is difficult to hear poems about love when one is heartbroken, it was nice to be with my friends and see my friend perform. When listening to everyone’s poetry, I felt like I was being healed in a way, even though it was hard to not cry.


Emily performing her second poem


I tell you because I mean it, this event was awesome and it happens every month. The ArtSpace has a Facebook page that they update often and say when each Poetry Undressed event is. Check it out! https://www.facebook.com/RenaissanceArtSpace


Here are some pictures:

Grace asking Emily: "is it going to be....dirty?"

Grace asking Emily: “Is it going to be….dirty?”

Nina and I on the way there.

Nina and I on the way there.

Emily and I.

Emily and I.

Emily walking to the space.

Emily walking to the space.

From L-R: Bianca, Nina, Emily, me, Grace (Lumper and Alex didn't want to be in it :X)

From L-R: Bianca, Nina, Emily, me, Grace (Lumper and Alex didn’t want to be in it :X)

Lumper and Bianca (we thought it'd be funny if Bianca posed very fiercely but Lumper look confused)

Lumper and Bianca (we thought it’d be funny if Bianca posed very fiercely but Lumper look confused)

Bianca is scared because the slideshow computer is dying.

Bianca is scared because the slideshow computer is dying.

Lumper watching Emily

Lumper watching Emily

I also decided that I will be providing the Twitter names of people I blog about so you can see that they’re real and I don’t carry around cutouts of people and take them places with me.


Emily: @Thumbellena_

Grace: @_GraceLindsay

Alex: I don’t think I know it? Does he even have a Twitter? Not sure.

Bianca: @BiancaNicole_yo

Lumper: @LumperLempke

Nina: She doesn’t even know her own Twitter name


Listen to poetry. Love someone. Go to bed, Sam. Okay.








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