What did Tricertops sit on?

#17: Go to the Dinosaur Footprints


This was quite the impromptu trip but it was a really nice time. My friend Bianca and I had been running all over the Pioneer Valley all day and decided to pick up my friend Miranda, who I was going to go on a hike with up until the moment we realized it was pretty cold out. So, as Bianca suggested, we all decided to grab some lunch to go and eat it at the infamous Dinosaur Footprints.

After getting bagels at Tandem, we headed over to the other side of the mountain – Holyoke. I’ve driven past the dino tracks sign about 100 times since they’re right on Route 5, on the way to Northampton to Holyoke. It’s marked by a sign and a small place to park on the side of the road.


Sign on Route 5

We got out, with our bagels, and checked out the sign a little bit that was loaded with information about when the tracks were made (about 200 million years ago!) and other things. My main focus was to look at the actual tracks so we headed down the trail.


Bianca with her bagel under the helpfully labeled sign.

Bianca and Miranda had both been to the tracks before and lead the way. The path is really easy to walk on and very quick. It leads to an opening of a hill that has some dinosaur footprints on it. They were really incredible. It was crazy to think about the fact that dinosaurs had stepped on the same place as me all those years ago. 



We checked out the tracks and the graffiti there and the “waterfall” (really just hole in a concrete wall that spews gross water out of it) and then walked down to a separate part of the reservation where more tracks were. We crossed the railroad tracks and went out to the water. We ate our bagels there while we discussed evolution and showed off our best dinosaur impressions (I do have a video of these impressions, but I have no idea how to upload it). 

After finishing our lunch, we walked back and went back to my car. It was a really nice time! The tracks are great for really anyone; since the path is easy to go down, it’s pretty assessable to people of all ages. It’s educational, interesting and has an incredible view. Here are some pictures but they just don’t do justice. Enjoy!



A fossil with Miranda’s feet in the background.


Miranda, tracks, and graffiti.


Bianca pointing at a footprint


Bianca with some graffiti



Miranda and my bagel




Very nice vie




Bianca took some pictures too, so I might be adding those later. But I hope those will hold you until then.







PS – To answer the title of this post, “What did Tricertops sit on?”, – His Tricer-BOTTOM. 😀



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