“There’s a scorpion in my bowl!”

#24: Get a scorpion bowl

Yes, I’ve been the legal drinking age for about 1.5 years now and no, I had never had a scorpion bowl until last night. It was quite the experience.

When my friend Lauren texted me and invited me out for these infamous “scorp” bowls I couldn’t resist. Plus, it’s on my list. It was fate.

Lauren, Alicia, Ashlee, and I went to Osaka in downtown Northampton and paid what was considered by us to be too much ($16 for one!). Ashlee said she once ordered one for only $5 somewhere else. Together, we got two and shared in pairs.

Scorpion bowls are quite delicious; fruity and refreshing and carry quite an abundance of rum. Ashlee and I thought ours tasted kind of sandy…there was something grainy-like in the drink but Lauren and Alicia said theirs was fine. Maybe it was just us.

In the middle of the goblet you get is a flame, which was exciting for us. Ashlee, who is the only one of us who has ever had a scorpion bowl before, said that when the flame goes out the liquid left over can be taken as a shot. Alicia and Lauren tasted it a little with their straws but said it mostly just tasted like candle-wax.

We kept trying to think of a funny joke or pun about scorpions and bowls but all Lauren could come up with was “There’s a scorpion in my bowl!” (like “There’s a snake in my boot!”). Hence the title of this post.

Despite the sandy texture that we sometimes got, the drink was fabulous. Perfect for summer but in no way were these drinks the start to a sober night.


Alicia and I on the left and Lauren and Ashlee on the right. And Lauren on the bottom.




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