First goal completed!

20) Read Alice in Wonderland 


As an early childhood education major, I’ve wanted to read this book for a really long time. I will be the first to admit that love Disney movies and I have, of course, seen the Disney version of this book dozes of times. Part of the reason I wanted to read it is that Alice is a child – she is curious, imaginative, and smart. I thought as a future educator, this book would help me get into the mind of a stereotypical child (like Alice), similar to those I will be teaching. While this book was not written by a child, I think Lewis Carroll does a fantastic job of channeling one. 

The last week of school I was, of course, bombarded with papers. I also had a lot of things going on in my life other than school. When I wanted to take a break from it all, I would read from Alice in Wonderland. It was such a nice break from everything I had going on and, since it is in no way reality, it helped me forget about the things I was going through or worried about.

As I was reading one day, my dad was flipping channels and landed on the 1931 film version of  Alice in Wonderland. I thought that it was really different than the animated Disney version (1951) but more true to the book in ways. I just thought it was such a strange coincidence. I have yet to see the Tim Burton version. Any reviews?

I know I’m late on reading this book (about 150 years late) but I really enjoyed it and thought it to be funny, interesting, odd, and quirky. I recommend it to anyone who wants a brief escape from reality, anyone who wants to laugh, anyone who wants to think (tons of logic and math in this book!), or anyone who wants to get inside the mind of someone who is “curiouser and curiouser”.







4 thoughts on “First goal completed!

  1. I know Taylor really liked the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland movie. I can’t speak for myself though- I’m not a big fan of Tim Burton, so the appeal for me would be Anne Hathaway, who I am a HUGE fan of…

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