2013 LIST!

It’s here! And it will change (new things will be added) as the summer goes on.


what is summer?

According to the stars and the calendar, it’s June 21. In my eyes, it’s May 6 after 12:25, the last class of my last day (I have no finals this semester!). So I will start working at this list starting then.

Any suggestions are welcomed; like I said things will be added on!

2013 LIST

1)   Watch Life is But a Dream with Lauren M.

2)   Go to Hong Kong bar with Mary

3)   Make button bracelets for all of my friends

4)   Bake something with Nora

5)   Sing “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” on karaoke with Lauren

6)   Do the Never Ending Story drinking game with Lauren

7)   Get an A in online class

8)    Go to Salem

9)    Go to the Museum of Bad Art

10)  Build and set off a rocket

11)   Watch a French film with Jojo

12)  See Emily perform at a poetry slam

13)   Eat at the Bistro Bus

14)  Go to a museum with my mom

15)   Go spelunking

16)   Go to the bridge of flowers

17)  Go to the dinosaur footprints

18)   Make rock candy

19)   Read Wizard of Oz

20)   Read Alice in Wonderland

21)    Visit Head Eaze

22)    Go to a Watermelon Wednesday

23)   Go to Lexington

24)  Get a scorpion bowl

25)  Watch every episode of Arrested Development with Nate

26)   Make a Greasy and Ugly video

27)   Organize a kickball game





2 thoughts on “2013 LIST!

  1. great list! there are only 3 seasons of arrested developement so it’ll go fast-careful don’t bust a gut one of the most underappreciated shows EVER! might want to play in that kickball game-hmu! what is a Greasy and Ugly video?

    • Oh yes! I LOOOOVE Arrested Development, have already seen the majority of the episodes but Nate hasn’t seen any and U want him to watch before the new season comes out! I will let you know about kickball and Greasy and Ugly is me and Mary’s webisodes on Youtube

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