A long time ago, I viewed summer as a chance to just vegetate in the darkest of rooms, catch up on sleep lost during the school year, and eat as many nachos as humanly possible. Getting sick of this, in 2008 I started making a list of things to do during the summer. These tasks were often achievable, sometimes expensive, but always something I wanted to do, or have done before but wanted to experience again. In 2010 I started adding photographic evidence of me crossing these things off.

In honor of making these lists for 5 years, I decided to blog about it throughout the summer with not just pictures, but also stories. The goal (hehe) here is to document my adventures and hopefully inspire people to do something interesting this summer. The list for 2013 is already 20 bullets deeps and isn’t even finished yet. My plan is to post it on May 1.

I will warn you, first hand, that these goals are not nessersarily life-changing. I have never put anything like “Travel to Iceland” or “Run for president”. Probably the most life-changing thing on a list was “Get a tattoo” (from the 2010 list). Just so you don’t expect anything too extravagant.

I also should point out that I don’t know how this website works. I’ve never really blogged before. So I guess we’ll just have to see how it goes.




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